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  • The 2DX Project is available as an open source project on GitHub
  • Follow @The2DXProject on Twitter for real-time updates on project development!

Programming News:

The 2DX Project:

This open source, 2-dimensional Java graphics API provides extended geometry selection, a physics engine, animation frameworks, graphical and general utility classes, and more.

Current Programs Available:

Datawire v.1.4

Net Refresh v.3.4

JavaCalc v.2.1

Minecraft Backup Script

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Java Programs:

Java is a highly versatile, industry standard language capable of powering all kinds of software.

What will you find?

Useful utility applications that may help accomplish various kinds of tasks or objectives.

Pointless applications that I might simply want feedback from.

Simple 2D and eventually 3D games (maybe).


Android Software:

Welcome to the home of Google Play's 30k Software!

Android users are welcome to use this website as their home for support and discussion!


My Goal

I'm not interested in selling anything on this website.  I write and maintain these programs for fun.  I just want to share them with anyone who is interested in using them and giving me feedback on how to improve.  Everything here is 100% free.

Oh and 100% NOT malicious.  I promise!

You will be able to find all of my latest work on the Programs page.