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Datawire 1.4 - Current Status

Posted on December 16, 2011 at 8:50 PM

It seems I have managed to work out most of the stability issues and latency problems with the VOIP (it still isn't perfect... but it really can't be).

I'm still playing around with it, tweaking some stuff, changing some numbers but it's getting there.

I went ahead and took the liberty of making a few other small improvements to the program as a whole while I was at it.  I keep finding more and more things I would like to fix.

Time to be honest.  When I first began development on Datawire, I only had a few weeks of Java experience; i.e I was a noob.  In layman's terms, the code is just a big friggin' mess.  Not quite as bad as JavaCalc's GUI code but still pretty bad.  The discernment between static and non-static variables is arbitrary and random, the usage of variable/method visiblity modifiers is similarly chaotic, and the organization of GUI code isn't all that great either.  I do, however, praise my work in that I did a great job of designing the networking code/data engine very well, especially considering how new I was at the time.

While I will be saving a lot of improvements for Datawire 2.0, I think I might still take a bit of extra time with 1.4 and do some code-clean up and GUI improvements.

I've begun to realize how god-awful Datawire's GUI is at adjusting to different screen sizes, and I didn't make it resizable.  So.... sorry to those of you with small screens.  I kind of screwed you over.

I'm thinking about making a central measurement system that takes all of the sizing code and changes it to fit the screen ratio of the current system.  Not sure if that will come in 1.4 or 2.0,  but it will come eventually.

I'll stop rambling now.  Sorry if the update delay is causing you any inconvenience!



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