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Posted on January 14, 2012 at 1:55 PM

JK.  It's just me talking.  Although if you want to consider me your neighbor, be my guest.

Surviving Dead -

Working on it.  Writing/debugging the generation code.  I've been putting off making the graphics, but I will have to eventually...

Datawire 2.0 -

Haven't touched it in a while.  Not in much of a rush since Java 7 still hasn't been officially released as the end-user standard version yet.

ModderPro -

I managed to put out another beta build on the Beta Releases page.  Added several featuers and fixed several bugs.  I'm still working to improve it and make your experience with it as easy and convenient as possible.

2DX -

I'm developing 2DX almost hand in hand with the game, Surviving Dead.  I haven't put a whole lot of focus on it recently, but since SD uses it, whenever I find a problem to fix or feature I really want to add, I do it.  Not sure when I will actually release a new Alpha build though...

N.B. I moved a couple classes and changed some variable/method names again.  Sorry, but remember this is Alpha.  I can do that :D

JavaCalc 3.0 -

I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to attempt this.  If I do, it will be yet ANOTHER rewrite of the entire codebase.  I recognize that the GUI code really sucks... and there are several weird quirks in the way it behaves that can be annoying.

If I decide to start building it, I will also be (most likely) trying to make it take straight up input (not only buttons).  Essentially, it would function much more freely like WolframAlpha or TI-nSpire.

I actually do think a free, offline calculator that uses that free input system (and could possibly use nice formatting unlike Wolfram; don't get me wrong I love Wolfram :D) could be very beneficial for some people.  However, a lot of the functions and capabilities of nSpire and WolframAlpha are certainly far beyond my abilities.  It would still be limited to the current functions of its Math engine.

Ok.... well now that that is over... have a nice day, week, month, year, lifetime, etc.  And keep visiting (and/or give me feedback!).



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