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My Apologies...

Posted on January 23, 2012 at 5:55 PM

I feel the need to apologize for an embarassing and rather significant error that has been in Datawire for quite some time now that I never realized.

The auto-detect rescale code only worked on the frame... so the rest of the stuff remained the same.  So users working on smaller screens had completely wacked out, squished GUI layouts.  I simply removed the code and reverted back to using a constant 600x525 screen size.

There is no point in trying to auto-rescale the GUI because 98% of the components have sizes that are set as straight up numbers in the code.  No organized variable system... just arbitrary numbers.  One of the many problems with the Datawire GUI code.

This is an issue I am taking into account now with future applications.  GUI code has been a hit/miss thing with me since the beginning.  I'm getting better, but there's still much for me to try and improve on.

Please... if there are any horrible problems existant when you run one of my programs on your system that I don't know about... contact me via the forums, error report or support page.

One the greatest things about Java is the ability to deploy on all platforms with ease.  I want to make sure I hold true to that, and design dynamic applications that wiill adapt to YOUR needs... not the other way around.



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